Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Georgia

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Georgia: an Overview of the Family Lawyer Selection Process by Smith & Little, P.C., lawyers providing quality representation in Divorce and Family Law and Probate Law in Decatur, Georgia and McDonough, Georgia since 2009.

Divorce is difficult, and when it comes time to choose a divorce lawyer in Georgia, you want to be careful to consider many things:


Rule #1 for choosing a divorce lawyer is Experience. How many years has this lawyer been practicing? And more importantly, is this lawyer even a divorce lawyer? You wouldn’t want a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy or worker’s compensation handling your divorce; that would be like asking a podiatrist to conduct heart surgery — it might work, but it’s not the best bet.


Rule #2 for choosing a divorce lawyer in Georgia is Reputation. What are people saying in their reviews on Google, Facebook, and elsewhere? Experience is not everything — some lawyers have been practicing for many years and still haven’t mastered what they practice. And does your lawyer have a reputation for honesty? Too many lawyers string along their clients while the bill rises higher and higher in a case that, if everyone is honest, should be settled expediently.


Rule #3 for choosing a divorce lawyer in Georgia is Personality. Some lawyers are angry, and some are calm. Some lawyers are hyper and over-the-top with dramatics, and some are calm and laid back. You want a lawyer you can deal with, someone you can talk to and learn from without wishing you were anywhere else, doing anything else with anyone else.

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These three rules add up to one thing: Trust. When you are choosing a divorce lawyer, you want to find a divorce lawyer you can trust. There’s too much on the line, and once the case is over, it’s over and done, and you want to have results that you reached by depending on a lawyer you trust.