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For over twelve years, our team has served over a thousand clients with legal matters occurring all over the State of Georgia. We have served clients who live in Georgia, clients who live in other states, and clients who live in other countries having legal matters to resolve in Georgia. Call us today for an appointment for a consultation about your situation, to see how we can help: (678) 949-9756.

Legal Services in Decatur, Georgia

At Smith & Little, P.C., we have 20+ years of combined experience helping clients find solutions to their legal issues. We represent a variety of clients, from businesses to families of every size, always aiming to provide support that reflects and meets the various needs of our clients. At our Decatur office, we offer legal assistance for matters of family law and trademark law. From divorce settlements to registering for trademark protection, we are equipped to provide you with the skilled legal support your case demands. 

Contact us online or call us at (678) 949-9756 to set up a consultation to discuss how we might work together to settle your case.

About Our Trademark Law Services 

Registering intellectual property is essential for businesses and people who rely on their likenesses and original work to thrive. At Smith & Little, P.C., our trademark attorneys focus on helping a wide array of people and businesses take the necessary legal steps to ensure their trademarks and other IP are recognized at the state and/or federal level. 

Visit our trademark page to learn more about how to register a trademark and the protections allowed for different types of IP. 

Why Should You Register Your IP?

If you have IP you want to protect, applying for a trademark or other forms of legal protection is the best way to ensure nobody infringes on your rights. Do you have a business in Georgia that everybody knows by its name and logo? Filing a trademark application with the state can prevent another business or person from using anything close to your brand name and logo as their own. Did you invent something that gives you an unbeatable advantage in your industry? Patenting your invention through the federal government can ensure that advantage stays in your favor. 

Although it seems obvious, the process of obtaining IP protection is not always easy. That is where we come in. Our trademark attorneys at Smith & Little, P.C. can help make sure the complexities of registering your IP do not get in the way of protecting it. 


About Our Family Law Services 

Family law issues can be especially stressful and taxing to navigate. Our attorneys recognize the difficulties that a divorce or adoption dispute presents, and we understand that every situation has distinct challenges that are unique to the people involved. For these reasons, we aim to treat each client with care and to attentive to the intricacies of their case. 

Click here to learn more about our approach to family law and the specific areas we serve. 

At Smith & Little, P.C., we want you to be heard, which is why our family law attorneys will collaborate with you to develop a strategy for handling your case. When you work with our team, you will have direct access to our attorneys, who can offer counsel on anything pertaining to your case, including your concerns and goals. As a team, we can determine the best way to advocate for you and your family. 

Lawyers are everywhere. Don’t settle for just any lawyer; find one who will treat you the way you want to be treated.
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